Yes, Virginia, It’s a Milestone at 85

A very unwelcome of a weather system, this Chedeng, now intensifying into a typhoon in Bicol. It will be affecting many towns of Camarines Sur as well. The local climate disturbance dampens the day in many countless ways, including the very special day of one special person.

For today, a milestone ushers in that takes 85 years in the making. A birthday. All throughout those years and today, she lives in the same town of Calabanga, except for some intermittent months in the distant past of war years where she was forced to stay in Siruma with her parents and siblings.

As with the past years, she learned to accept and survive many travails and trials in life, including that certain fear, and danger of being entrapped by the advancing Japanese occupying forces. She has survived many typhoons, too, in the same many years of her life. Strong ones, terrifying ones. Destructive and life-consuming natural calamities in the town. Much and many of those she is a living witness that can relate and relay the unwritten story of history and events hereabout.

Almost thirty four years ago, she lost her husband. She stood still and strong and came out of that experience with full determination. She saw her brood get an education.

She is a survivor, literally. Of her ten other siblings, she and her youngest sister are the only pair left behind, still alive. She somehow break the record in the family to have reached the very ripe and golden age and still counting. All other family members before her may have not reached that age according to our information.

Yes, Virginia, there are more summer and Christmases that may come your way, with or without the presence of (the complete) brood of six you raised. There is some consolation, though. Three of the sons are always handy and, somehow around her. The eldest daughter would rush to her side on some occasion, too. A handful of grandchildren of her sister live nearby that makes her day exude with daily bits of family news.

Reaching the age beyond one could ask for is something. Yes, Virginia, it’s a milestone at 85. Indeed!

N.B.: We surprised our editor about this article, and had some brainstorming and sharing for a while. Suddenly we came into a new discovery. All these years, he can not recall ever telling his mom he love her. Ever. He has given her gifts, greeted happy mom day, or merry Xmas. But he has never told her he love her.

As we finally type (30) on this article, we saw him walk towards the phone and dial his mom’s phone. We know, he would have a long chat with his mother and we can almost hear him say, “Mama, I love you.” It is never too late. Have you realized the same, too, when you read this post?(

One thought on “Yes, Virginia, It’s a Milestone at 85”

  1. Yes to that and i remember nanay who no longer had the chance to celebrate her birthday together with Mama Vinyang.,,.Happy 85th birthday to you, Mama Vinyang. May the Lord grant me that long and healthy life too for my kidz.

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