A Grand Lady is Coming Home

Mommy Lucy is coming home to Talisay city, Cebu.

By the time this post goes live on the internet, she would have crossed over the imaginary demarcation line about the north Pacific ocean making her lose one day because of time difference. I am referring to Mommy Lucy who is flying home accompanied by her sister, thru Philippine Airlines from southern California to Talisay city in Cebu province via Manila.

Although for several years now, every September, she would come and visit her only daughter’s family in Cebu, this time it will be a real homecoming. It was a wonderful decision for her since living alone in the USA from 1985 after her husband’s demise.

She has relatives in America like her sister and her sister’s family that include a brother in-law, nieces and nephew, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren, still are not enough to top the void that can only be filled by her own real, close family.

Her only grandson now has two kids of his own, Mommy Lucy will have her hands full of two great grand children!! A 360 degrees turn around from her usual daily routine in the USA that involves taking care of patients and residents of a convalescent hospital, the job that all these years made her busy and put back in her mind the tender longing for her family in a country far away.

She came to America a few months after loving husband first stepped unto the soils of Long Beach. Ever since, she never transferred to another city. She worked hard for her daughter’s family to join her before but since it was far more important to give the grandson a choice she had to forego the dream even though they stayed for sometime with her. America sometimes is a hard choice when one has a stable career in the Philippines to forego.

In Talisay and Cebu, she used to teach students in the elementary and high school at what was before the San Nicolas Academy. She still cherishes her good old days spent in the institution.

Now that she will be in her real, old home, there is no turning back, and the good memories of the past gathered in Cebu and in America will all the more enrich her life to the fullest.

There had been many occasions that I had the opportunity to interact with her including my first visit to the US in September of 1999 and beyond. I still cherish those days and will always have good words for her. Mommy Lucy, welcome home!! And since Bicol and Cebu are not that far, but an hour’s flight from Legazpi, our visit is always possible.


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