Is There Foul Play in Aga Muhlach’s Boat Explosion?


Is there foul play in the boat explosion of Camarines Sur fourth congressional distict candidate Ariel Aquino Muhlach also known as the former matinee idol in the silver screen of Aga Muhlach?

Earlier unconfirmed report said that the operator-driver pilot Jerome Pervera sustained injuries on his leg, arm, back, and face, but was not life-threatening. Pervera was treated at the Caramoan emergency hospital and will be released later today.

The speedboat of actor Aga Muhlach exploded and caught fire yesterday (Saturday) that caused injury to Pervera.

Fortunately, candidate Muhlach and wife Charlene were not onboard the seacraft that exploded about six in the morning near Caramoan town. The couple were around the area but not onboard the boat.

Observers opined that a good investigation on the cause of the explosion should be conducted. On the other hand, others interpret the mishap as a tactical move to gain the sympathy of Partido district voters to the Muhlach camp.

Muhlach is a neophyte politician eyeing for the congress seat in the fourth district which include the town of Caramoan. He is running under the Liberal Party against a one-time elected representative from the deeply rooted, and century-old, political dynasty of the Fuentebella clan.

Is there foul play in Aga Muhlach’s boat explosion, or just carelessness that caused the accident?


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