The Sand and Gravel Mining in Calabanga

A sand and gravel mining operation in the hinterlands of Calabanga, chopping the massive wall, the hilly shoulders of Mt. Isarog. Will it get bald soon?

Riding a motor bike on a rainy afternoon is a no-no recommendation when the destination is that portion of the national road that traverses the area about barangay Sibobo of Calabanga.

Needless to say, this writer braved the rain under the protection of helmet and jacket and took the short trip anyway. It turned out they were not enough as we went through the higher elevation of less populated and very rural area. The pelting rain was more than we can ask for. We got soaked.

Quite a coincidence we were right in the vicinity of the gravel-and-sand mining operation on the mountainous part bordering Sibobo and perhaps its adjoining more upland barrio(s).

Earlier, gathered the information a prominent family from the barangay operates the water system serving residents mostly located on the low lying, seaside portion of the settlement, down and just across the national road.

The source of spring water of course lies very near the mining and drilling operations. Water tanks were mounted nearby that are visible from the road. The water system is served free of charge by the benefactress who is also a scion of a clan from Sibobo.

We wonder if the mining operation will eventually affect the potability and availability of the spring water. Very soon shrubs and trees could be gone and replaced by a drab and ugly scene of brownish-red and bald scenery.

Viewing the area from afar, the mining operation has already chopped off a big portion of the massive mountain walls facing the national road. Farther and down below we find several nipa huts hugging the precarious hill.

Since we were not able to come nearer or enter the mining area, this writer just wondered how the place really looked like up close.

Our informant alleged that the project area may be part and parcel of the mining operation that used to be managed by a local businessman and contractor and his wife. (

Updated Jan 15, 2017- The progress of defacing, levelling the mountain below:



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