British star, next space tourist to the ISS goes on vacation

2015_0226_sarahbrightman500(Image credit: Sarah Brightman facebook page)

MOSCOW, Feb. 26 — Popular Englsh classical singer Sarah Brightman will soon fly to space. But wait, while she is scheduled to go to the International Space Station as the next space tourist, she has broken up a schedule of pre-flight training at the Cosmonauts’ Training Centre in Russia. But now the singer left Moscow, a source from the Russian space training center told TASS on Wednesday.

“Sarah Brightman has gone on vacation since February 21 until March 11,” it said. It did not elaborate. According to the singer’s official website, the singer is planning to give a news conference in London on March 10.

Sarah Brightman is going to fly into space on board the SoyuzTMS-18M spaceship, if the singer’s space endeavor proves successful, Brightman will become the eighth space tourist in history. The singer had earlier paid around US$52 million for her space adventure.

On her official Facebook page, the artist posted this update:

Sarah Brightman Announces Press Conference March 10th – London, UK
Sarah has just confirmed details of press conference where she will talk about her forthcoming trip to the International Space Station, scheduled to launch September 1st, 2015.The event will take place on Tuesday 10th March so stay tuned for lots of exciting news direct from Sarah’s social sites on the day! (/Tass)

So. we will keep in tune to that press con for update. But for those who want to know more about her, including her philantrophic acts, go ahead to the wikipedia page.


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