Not yet game over for Senator Grace Poe on Nov.17, 2015

2015_1028_grace_poe2Is it game over yet for Sen. Grace Poe’s senate seat and then, her presidential run?

The ‘series’ is becoming interesting with the Senate Electoral Tribunal soon set to render its decision in the disqualification case filed by Rizalito David against Poe.

In a meeting of the tribunal in a Manila hotel, the date was set to cast the voting of the case on November 17, 2015. The timing is just right, it is close to the release of the final list of the Commission on Elections of the official candidates for the May 2016 elections.

Per information, on that fateful day, a copy of the decision may be released officially even as the venue for voting was yet undisclosed.

David’s complaint stemmed from the question of Poe’s citizenship, whether or not she is a natural-born citizen, which is one of the qualifications for the candidates for senator, congressman, vice president and president.

On Poe’s part, she could be banking on her fellow senators (in the senate) who are members of the electoral tribunal who can sway the decision on her side.

The political life of the senator on stake on varius levels. If the SET favors her, she retains her senate office and her post as senator, otherwise, she heads for the door of the senate for always.

Even if she get the nod of her peers, or majority of them, on the question of being a natural born Filipino citizen, Poe will still have to face the Commission on Elections to thresh out her problems on residency and alleged material misrepresentations as shown in official documents.


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