How to Kill a Bird

On Wednesday, I went early to the market if only to avoid the rush and hustle as many people surely will be a crowd too many, buying and selling food stuff.

I saw two men, one just walking and the other leading his bike with a load of live wild birds hanging on the side. They, too, were on their way to the market. Curiosity took hold of me and I asked about the birds. They were selling it at the market, then.

My heart sank deep and felt pity for the poor birds. They might have been in company with some other feathery family and friends the previous day. The birds’ visit was their first and last of the town. I wondered if the winged animals ever felt and sensed the fright of their impending end as the two men who snared them from the hinterlands was hawking them for a few pesos per head, for food money.

Had I enough money, I would have bought all the birds and set them free so they could fly back to their home and family. But would the two men, and the likes of them, catch them again?

Aside from encroaching on the natural habitats the local population is forcing the wild occupants out of their remaining comfort zone. The continued existence and survival of these animals, and some others, has never been threatened more seriously than now. There is the immediate need of protecting and conserving these biological treasures from the various threats imposed on them, which includes hunting, habitat destruction, and deforestation.

So, how do you kill a bird?

Thanks to Sky Watch Team of Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia. See more skies on this link. Skywatch Friday

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