Meralco, Fukushima nuclear reactor, $5-M Marwan bounty, volcanic eruptions, cloud computing, Iran’s floating oil depot

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Meralco forges cooperation with Fukushima nuclear reactor operator

MANILA, Feb. 9 -– The Manila Electric Company has forged cooperation with Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc., to enhance disaster restorations and smart-grid tech to its 5.5 million customers. Tepco is the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plants more identified for its failure to avert the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant that began on 11 March 2011, resulting in a meltdown of three of its six nuclear reactors.

US has say over $5-M Marwan bounty – Malacanang

MANILA, Feb. 9 (PNA) – The United States government has the jurisdiction as to how the USD5-M reward money will be disposed following the killing of international terrorist Zulkili bin Hir alias Marwan in an operation that killed 44 Special Action Forces (SAF) commandos and several civilians. This was disclosed by Communications Secretary Hermino Coloma Jr., an ambiguous reaction from Malacanang made after several individuals and groups suggested that the bounty should be given to the families of the fallen 44 and other SAF men who participated in the bloody operation.

Scientists link underwater volcanic eruptions to climate change

MOSCOW, Feb. 9 — Volcanic eruptions under the sea floor may well have an impact on climate change, according to a new study published in the Geophysical Research Letters journal. “People have ignored seafloor volcanoes on the idea that their influence is small, but that’s because they are assumed to be in a steady state, which they’re not,” Maya Tolstoy, a geophysicist from the Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the author of the study, said.

PH growth in cloud computing seen – CISCO

MANILA, Feb 9 — California-based global networking leader Cisco Systems, Inc. said the Philippines is seen to continue its progress in the cloud computing technology, The country is currently in the position of being a “steady-mover” in the Asia Pacific region in the Cloud Readiness Index according to Cisco Systems Asia Pacific chief technology officer Bernie Trudel in a press briefing.

Iran launches world’s largest floating oil depot

BAHREGAN, PERSIAN GULF, Feb 9 — The Middle East, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the home of the world’s largest floating oil terminal.The depot went on stream in Soroush oil fields in the southern region of Iran on Sunday. The 2.2-million-barrel floating oil storage unit (FSU) became operational with celebrations marking the 36th anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.


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