Rejoinder, which Bicol city is ready to become an HUC?


After posting Legazpi City readies to become the first HUC in Bicol, this writer felt like taken for a ride (‘nakuryente’) by the information. So I reviewed some numbers to compare the remaining cities of the region.

First. Bicol cities verified annual regular income from the years 2011 up to 2014:

Regular annual income include local government IRA share.

Second. Dependency of Bicol cities on Internal Revenue Allotment to fill up their annual budget.

The higher the percentage, the bigger dependency on IRA share from the national government. It also mean the city generate less income (tax, revenue, earnings, etc.) locally.

Third. Which of the city has more Real Property Tax by fund: general fund and special education fund?

Fourth. Financial Performance Indicator: Revenue Growth

Fifth. Summary comparison of Legazpi City and Naga City, here:

Thinking loud. If Naga needs to beef up its territory, the only solution is to merge with either or both, the towns of Gainza (population 10,345 with land area of 14.75 km2) and Camaligan (with over population of 22,254 on 4.68 km2 of land). It will also save the government much money for salaries and wages of employees of the two municipalities, including elected government officials, who are serving a very small segment of constituencies.

So, how many years will it take before Naga City will surpass the population of Legazpi City, if growth rate remain constant?


And the final question, which of the two cities is ready of becoming the first HUC in Bicol, then?

Updated: August 17, 2016:

According to the 2015 Philippine Census on Population, the city of Legazpi has a population count of 196,639 while Naga city has 196,003. We almost hit the stat projection of population for Naga (not compounded) by a few bodies and completely overboard about the estimate for Legazpi both on the compounded and not compounded projection.


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