Transient full Moon worshippers thrashes Thailand beaches

Transient full Moon worshippers thrashes Thailand beaches. This is the aftermath of a full moon party in Thailand... For the love of POSEIDON how can you celebrate the moon and trash the ocean?- According to the facebook post in Ocean Defender's page.

The last full moon of the year pulled a lot of moon gazers into the beach. And look what they did to the beach afterwards!.

In Thailand, the aftermath of the full moon party, produced trash unkempt but left on the beach for others to clean-up, or the waves of the ocean to sweep away.

Imagine the vast stretch of beach all littered by trash and non-biodegradable refuse.

It pains to read one comment from Rick Vaughn that wrote “actually young backpackers from ‘developed’ countries are less likely to throw trash around than the locals. The majority of trash I saw dumped everywhere when I lived in the Philippines were locals.”

But Ocean Defender Hawaii admin replied “I don’t think locals would pay to dance rave music under the moonlight.”

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H/T Nate Clark on Facebook page of Ocean Defender


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