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The truth about migrants “invading” US and Europe

13 Nov , 2018  

To get a good grasp of the illegal immigrant crisis in the United States (America), and in Europe (European Union), we are sharing below two video coverage, one for each. These are different takes on the massive migrant caravan that began marching from Central America, mostly coming from Honduras, with ultimate goal of breaching the […]

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What President Duterte Wants for Christmas from the USA, European Union and the UN?

24 Dec , 2016  

What President Duterte Wants for Christmas from the USA, European Union and the UN? Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been busy and very generous, using his colorful loud mouth, at dispensing felicitations to the leaders and organizations of the world community. But instead of gaining more respect and stature, what he has been blubbering are […]

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EU Brexit agitates global, PH financial outlook

29 Jun , 2016  

MANILA — It is not true that the “Brexit” will have no effect on the country as apologists project it to be. The local stock market tumbled anew on Tuesday, as investors pocketed gains after last week’s British exit, ‘Brexit,’ vote continued to agitate the global financial markets. The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) lost […]


UK authorities discover anti-Brexit petition with thousands of fraudulent signatures

27 Jun , 2016  

After the majority of the voters of United Kingdom voted for Brexit, authorities are investigating a highly-popular anti-Brexit petition with the discovery of tens of thousands of fraudulent signatures. The petition platform’s lack of identity check raised concerns the vast majority of 3.5 million signs could be fake. Britain’s House of Commons Petition Committee announced […]

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No economy is an island, so will PH get hit by BREXIT?

25 Jun , 2016  

Not yet in and yet, the choice technocrats of the incoming Duterte regime are quick to sound off that the European phenomenon called BREXIT, the departure of the United Kingdom (also known as Great Britain) from the European Union will have no effect on the local economy. While many countries already felt the initial scathing […]

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Terrorist attack on Brussels’ metro train kill dozens, injures over a hundred

22 Mar , 2016  

At least 34 people dead and 186 more injured on suspected multiple terror attack in Brussels’ Maelbeek metro train station near the European Union offices with the metro, tram and bus services operations shut down. BRUSSELS, March 22 — All metro, tram and bus services have been shut down following explosions in the Brussels airport […]

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France leads Europe, the world in fight against supermarket food waste

2 Mar , 2016  

Do you know what local supermarkets do when fruits, vegetable, meat and many perishable items near its expiration date? When fresh and just off from its packing crates, these same food items are marked up that many can not buy enough because of the expensive price tacked on them. But what happen when the same […]

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Cosmetic products with these parabens are now illegal for selling in the country

21 Jan , 2016  

Are you still using cosmetic products containing the ingredients of isobutylparaben and isopropylparaben? That is because after December 31, 2015, beauty enhancement and maintenance cosmetic products containing such ingredients are banned, prohibited from being sold or distributed in the country. Reports said that while the Philippine Food and Drugs Administration ended the grace period of […]

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Anti-Russia sanctions set for discussion by European Union leaders

12 Dec , 2015  

Italian Ambassador to Russia said that extension of anti-Russia sanctions will be considered by the leaders of the EU (European Union) member states at the European Council slated for Dec. 17-18. The extension of anti-Russia sanctions will be considered by the leaders of the EU member states at the European Council slated for December 17-18, […]


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PM Rasmussen says Denmark has final word on EU migration policies

7 Oct , 2015  

Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen vowed Denmark will have the final say on its asylum and migration policies. The European Union (EU) is struggling to accommodate hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from the war-torn Middle East, Asia and Africa. [flexiblemap address=”Copenhagen, Denmark” region=”EU” directions=”true” width=”100%” height=”250px” zoom=”9″ ] Last month, Denmark agreed to accept […]

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