FIRST LOOK: Official Ballot May 13, 2019 Mid-Term Elections

Portion of official ballot for May 13, 2019 mid term elections.
Portion of official ballot for May 13, 2019 mid term elections.

smileredunhappyThis is my first look of the official ballot for overseas absentee voters for the coming May 2019 elections.

Thanks for joining me on the first look of an overeas absentee ballot for the upcoming mid-term elections.

I’m looking at the front page or first page of the three-fold ballot.

The upper left side states it is the official ballot for the May 13, 2019 national and Local elections.

It also specifies the city or area or region or country of jurisdiction.

Down below is a short instruction in Tagalog on “Paraan ng Pagboboto” which states:

Itiman ang loob ng oval sa tabi ng pangalan.

Gumamit lamang ng marking pen sa pagmarka.

Huwag bomoto ng labis sa nakatalagang bilang sa nasabing posisyon.

On the center is a QR code for scanning.

On the upper right hand is the coat of arms of the Republic of the Philippines. And down below is the clustered precint ID and precincts in cluster.

And below that is a rectangle for the signature of the chairman.

Of course, all these mentioned above were covered so as not to identify our source of the ballot.

So the front page of the ballot contain listing of senatorial candidates.

There are 62 candidates listed.

Its easy to vote. Better still, be prepared with your listing of preferred candidates to vote.For example, your handy list should only be in numbers like 41 Macalintal, 5 Alejano, 59 Tanada, 37 Hilbay, 36 Gutoc, 57 Roxas, 9 Aquino and 25 Diokno.

Or, maybe, be creative like make words out of the names, as in MATH GRAD. M acalintal A lejano T anada H ilbay G utoc R oxas A quino D iokno.

That would be easy.

Each candidate is listed alhabetically with their family name first and their party affiliation. An oval for your doodle is conviniently located left of the candidate’s name and number.

Back or second page provide a listing of party list. And the number starts with 1 and ends in 181.

For the overseas abbsentee voter who still do not get it, the mailer also comes with an Instruction for Voters or Gabay para sa Botante.

For Conservative voters, the coming mid-term election is an opportunity to send a strong message of enough is enough.

If the electorate want a change in the government, it should come from the voters and no one else.

Voters selling their votes in exchange for a few hundred pesos gives a strong signal that change is not coming.

Everything will be same old same old, as they say.

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