Watch: The best is yet to come for Pinoys in Asia’s Got Talent

Watch: The best is yet to come for Pinoys in Asia’s Got Talent. Presenting and sharing here three top Filipino performers final contenders in Asia’s Got Talent Show. Watch why the judges and audience were so pumped up with the performance showcasing their versatility and world class talent.

El Gamma Penumbra Earns 2nd Golden Buzzer | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 3 El Gamma Penumbra warms the judges hearts all over again, with a shadow dance that packs a strong message – and earns them their second Golden Buzzer!

Gerphil Flores Opera Ballad Wows Judges (Again) | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2 David Foster’s #GoldenBuzzer winner, Gerphil Flores, delivers an awe-inspiring opera ballad that impresses just about everyone in attendance. After the performance, David says he wants to sign her!

Junior New System’s flawless performance puts the crowd in an absolute frenzy. Melanie C is brought to tears, Van Ness says it’s his favorite act, and by the end, there was only one thing left to do… AWARD THEM THE #GOLDENBUZZER!

2015_0501_GERPHILflores267 Asia’s Got Talent finalist Gerphil Flores, photo grab courtesy of AGT.

One thought on “Watch: The best is yet to come for Pinoys in Asia’s Got Talent”

  1. One performance was enough, and three was too much. A superb perfornance of all three contestants now on the home stretch, they got in to the finals, All three of them trouncing their good competitors in the talent show. Well done. But, only one will win!

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