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The Backstory of “How Not To Kill A Bird” Video

15 Aug , 2017  

The Story Behind “How Not To Kill A Bird” video. This was a footage taken from our “vault” and rediscovered we could share that some people somehow can relate. Hope you do, too. In one of our visit to a cousin and her family, we chanced upon this cute little birdie trapped inside the garage. […]

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Bull shark attacks spear fisherman in heart-pounding footage

11 Jan , 2017  

A spear fisherman’s presence attracted the attention of a wandering bull shark off the coast of north Queensland, Australia. Thirty five year old Kerry Daniel was diving off the Australian coast when he spotted a ‘killer’ bull shark thrust toward him. The man related that he was fishing in a channel when he saw the […]

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Caring friends offer sentimental farewell to a beloved animal

8 Jan , 2017  

After her homecoming on March 11, 2016, she was listed as aged 65 with a temperament as slow, easy-going. She enjoys the company of both her kind and humans. She was described with tall, well-rounded back. long head, and round top. She also have large tail hairs and slight pigmentation on her trunk and face. […]

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Watch fish fights for dear life, underwater or even up in the air

5 Jan , 2017  

This rare footage afford us to watch a breath taking drama that unfolds underwater and above water, actually, up in the air, all within the bounds of the vast blue ocean. From a distance, the flying fish is a delight to see. It makes powerful, strong propelled leaps out of the water reaching out into […]


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Update: Bald eagle hatch first egg with the world watching

1 Jan , 2017  

Remember when it was shared here the live stream, real-time day and night watch of two bald eagles in southwest Florida while taking their turns warming their two eggs? Well, the good news is that, one of the eggs which earlier showed signs of hatching with cracks on the outside coupled with small chirping sound […]


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Watch live Bald Eagle hatch eggs in Florida

30 Dec , 2016  

Want to watch live bald eagles hatch? You have come to the right site. Join us as we take watch using the Eagle cameras set up, courtesy of the SouthWest Florida Eagle Camera (SWFEC). The project was launched in October 2012, and since then it has got stories to tell of the comings and goings […]


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Check out who’s helping distressed animals in extraordinary situations

27 Dec , 2016  

Check out who’s helping distressed animals in extraordinary, life and death, situations. Amazing how some responsible individuals go beyond the ordinary, and push their limits of their good selves. Here, extraordinary heroes come together and show care and love for distressed animals, some fighting for their lives. The viral video posted on social media already […]

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Climate Change

Palawan islet home to dozens of rare bird species going underwater

22 Dec , 2016  

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Dec. 22 — An islet in Palawan that is host to dozens of bird species is in the brink of going under seawater due to continuous erosion. The bird islet on the North Atoll of Tubbataha Reefs was confirmed undergoing a progressive erosion as officials of the Tubbataha Management Office raise the […]

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Inner Mongolia claim success in cloning goat for superfine cashmere wool production

19 Dec , 2016  

HOHHOT, Dec.19 — Inner Mongolia said it has attained success in cloning goat for superfine cashmere wool production. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China claims to have produced the first cloned goat that could produce superfine cashmere wool. This was announced by the city government of Bayannur on Sunday. The goat was born and […]

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Local Agency Urges Non-Disturbance of Turtles Released by Saipan

30 Aug , 2011  

Somewhere in the vicinity between Catanduanes and Guinahoan and Refugio island just north of Caramoan, Camarines Sur one sea turtle (pawikan) may be feeding or finding refuge or just passing by. The DENR office urges the public and those living in coastal communities not to capture the turtles nor attempt to remove their attached transmitters.

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