Duterte cusses British reporter when asked on drug-related killings

British television Channel 4 correspondent reporter Jonathan Miller had a run in with President Duterte during the question and answer portion of a press briefing in Davao City. The reporter's question irked the POTP which triggers the utterance of presidential cuss words.

smileredunhappyA reporter from British television Channel 4 just had the foul taste of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s favorite cuss words during the press briefing early Thursday morning.

During the question and answer portion of the media briefing in Davao City, Asia correspondent reporter for Channel 4 Jonathan Miller questioned Duterte on the thousands of deaths, which include extra-judicial killings, brought about by the on-going anti-drug campaign of the administration.

The reporter pointed out that in a short span under the current Duterte admnistration, deaths and summary killings already outnumbered those during the Martial law period of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Naturally, the query irked the onion-skinned president when it comes to talk on alleged human rights violations and hurled back with accusing finger towards the United States.

Then Miller posted the experience on his twitter account:

Miller wrote that he had another run-in with Philippines President Duterte. At least, he received the “Order of Son of A Whore,” he quipped.


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