Legazpi City readies to become the first HUC in Bicol


Legazpi City readies to become the first HUC in Bicol.

The city of Legazpi is looking forward to becoming the first highly urbanized city (HUC) in the Bicol region, besting six others which include Naga, Iriga, Sorsogon, Libon, Tabaco and Masbate.

According to city Mayor Noel Rosal, more development and inclusive growth, which the local government is aiming for next year, will also be in preparation for the target of the city to be formally declared a highly-urbanized city (HUC).

Key information will come from the results of the 2015 population census conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority in August that will officially determine its latest population figure which will be part of the basis for reclassification.

A city needs a minimum population of 200,000 and an annual income of at least P50-million based on 1991 constant prices (RA 7160 of October 10, 1991), as certified by the city treasurer. (Is it P500-million now to get qualified of becoming an HUC from a component city?)

The official population census conducted in 2010 pegged Legazpi’s population at 182,201 but which the statistics authority projected to reach over 200K by this year with an average annual population growth rate of 2.1 per cent.

Legazpi has an annual income in 2014 that topped P700 million.

A component city once classified as HUC become independent from its home province and get a seat representation in the Philippine House of Representatives for every 250K population.

There are 33 highly urbanized cities in the country and 16 comprise the National Capital Region.

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