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Caring friends offer sentimental farewell to a beloved animal

8 Jan , 2017  

After her homecoming on March 11, 2016, she was listed as aged 65 with a temperament as slow, easy-going. She enjoys the company of both her kind and humans. She was described with tall, well-rounded back. long head, and round top. She also have large tail hairs and slight pigmentation on her trunk and face. […]

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Thailand confirms Zika virus cause of babies born with small heads, microcephaly

30 Sep , 2016  

Thailand confirmed on Friday that the Zika virus had caused two cases of microcephaly, a condition where babies are born with small heads. It is the first time microcephaly has been linked to the Zika virus in Southeast Asia. Prasert Thongcharoen, an adviser to the Department of Disease Control told reporters in Bangkok of the […]


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Transient full Moon worshippers thrashes Thailand beaches

28 Dec , 2015  

The last full moon of the year pulled a lot of moon gazers into the beach. And look what they did to the beach afterwards!. In Thailand, the aftermath of the full moon party, produced trash unkempt but left on the beach for others to clean-up, or the waves of the ocean to sweep away. […]

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