DNA tests yield negative result, saddens Poe

”I have to admit to you, those who have taken samples did not match our DNA,” Poe said in an interview with a Manila radio program Wednesday.


Senator Grace Poe revealed that the DNA tests taken from at least two persons have yielded negative results.

Poe refused to name the two persons who were tested to see if they match genetically with her.

”I cannot reveal their names because they are private citizens,” Poe, a leading presidential aspirant based on surveys, said.

The senator said she was saddened by the new development but “I’m not losing hope because DNA is not only our legal defense.”

”It is also the fight for the rights of the foundling children in our country,” Poe said.

Poe is a foundling found in a church in Iloilo City in September 1968 and was later adopted by showbiz couple Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces.

Poe’s spokesman Valenzuela City mayor Rex Gatchalian said more DNA results that are still being processed that if yield positive results would bolster Poe’s defense on the issue of her citizenship.

”It is taking more time than we anticipated,” Gatchalian said.

He insisted that Poe is a natural-born Filipino “because the laws substantiate that fact.”

”The laws are on all fours on this account hence we are submitting the case for resolution,” Gatchalian said.

He said the DNA results would only add to their legal arguments that are grounded on the intent of the framers of the Constitution and international principles of law.

”We are submitting it for resolution because we are very confident that our legal position will be sustained by the good tribunal,” Gatchalian said. (PNA / Jelly F. Musico)

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