Joking around? President Duterte admits to spanking bottoms of lady cops


smileredunhappyPresident Duterte admits to spanking bottoms of lady cops.

Now it can be told that President Rodrigo Duterte has the penchant of spanking people. More specifically women. And the favorite part, their bottoms!

This he admitted and revealed during the alumni homecoming of San Beda College of Law on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

He even bewailed that these “modern times” there are too many prohibitions that spoil the fun.

Addressing the audience which include women, he said that “I like to joke around. The policewomen, I spank them on their bottoms in Malacañang if I’m ill-tempered. I get my folder and tell them, ‘you’re part of the problem.’”

Some in the crowd doubted if he has really the time to stretch and grab a folder, though.

Commission on Human Rights Chair Jose Luis Martin Gascon said it was good that the President had “acknowledged that sexual harassment is taking place, and that therefore he knows it is wrong.”

Gascon said that “We have laws that impose penalties on perpetrators of the same. Unfortunately, while public officials, captains of industry and men on the street know about this—far too many continue to suffer from acts of misogyny and other forms of violence against women.”

“We hope that the Duterte government would take the lead in protecting women by enforcing this law,” he added.

The presidential (mis) demeanor is a glaring contrast on the efforts of the Department of Tourism’s campaign to end violence against women.

Earlier on Thursday, the Cagsawa ruins park in Barangay Busay of Daraga, Albay became part of the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Commission on Women’s “Orange your Icons” campaign to end “Violence Against Women.”

“Orange is a bright color that will create awareness among the public on the advocacy,” said Maria Salee Mora, Bicol tourism officer.

She said Cagsawa park like other tourism sites, landmarks and icons in the country that are rich in history and culture also simultaneously hoisted the orange color on the same day which lasts for 18 days until Dec.12.

Mora said this year, DOT has joined the collective effort to pursue the vision of a VAW-free community in solidarity with the United Nations’ theme of “Unite to end VAW.

The Commission noted that even as the tourism industry has created economic opportunities for women, who make up between 60 to 70 percent of all workers in the tourism industry in the world, they have become victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking that form of the larger social issue referred to as VAW.

Bonus: San Beda Law Grand Alumni Homecoming (Speech) 11/26/2016:


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