City mulls statue of St. John Paul II


LEGAZPI CITY — The city government will pursue its plan to build a monument of Saint John Paul II here. Vice Mayor Vittorio Roces said Tuesday they could not help regretting why they had not done it before. This is not a very original idea, but more of a copy lifted from the current Christ the Redeemer statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (image above courtesy of Wikimedia commons).

Since 2012, Bishop Joel Baylon of the Diocese of Legazpi supported the proposal of putting a shrine for the first Pope who visited Legazpi City.

Based on the proposal, the statue would sit at the top of Kapuntukan Hill (also known as Lion Hill) near the Legazpi city boulevard.

It would be made of steel and displayed with relics and memorabilia from the museum of the Diocese of Legazpi.

Some of these relics and memorabilia are Pope mobile, Pope’s hat, pictures and other memorabilia during his visit in Albay province on February 21, 1981.

Roces said that a light house and chapel will be constructed at the top of the hill to at least promote religious diversity.

As part of the plan, according to the official, the city government will allocate fund for the religious project, aside from donations from other stakeholders.

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