Daet Tops Bicol Municipal LGUs on Income from Local Sources on FY2009

Daet municipal hall courtesy of Daet on the go.

On this second installment on municipal LGUs focus is on the total non-tax revenue which consists of collections from regulatory fees (permit and licenses), service/user charges (service income), income from economic enterprises (business income) and other receipts (other general income). Daet of Camarines Norte earned the distinction to have topped the list among others.

The income generated from Regulatory Fees (Permit and Licenses) has augmented the coffers of (1) Daet, P5,996,782; (2) Virac, P5,532,958; (3) Guinobatan, P4,841,218; (4) Pili, P4,040,922; (5) Placer, P3,021,151; (6) Bulan, P2,534,453; (7) Daraga, P2,531,369; (8) Jose Panganiban, P2,280,548; (9) Santo Domingo, P1,959,733; (10) Nabua, P1,625,353; (11) Paracale, P1,467,876; (12) Goa, P1,462,108; (13) San Pascual, P1,440,710; (14) Uson, P1,362,818; (15) Pio Duran, P1,315,263; (16) Calabanga, P1,235,740; (17) Libmanan, P1,127,206; (18) Pasacao, P1,099,708; (19) Bula, P1,086,940; (20) Gubat, P1,047,870; (21) Camalig, P1,008,715. Other towns which earned less than P1M are included in the table below.

Sixteen municipal LGUs earned beyond P1M from Service/User Charges (1) Polangui, P18,704,637; (2) Pilar, P6,632,639;(3) Daet, 6,424,811; (4) San Pascual, P4,667,730; (5) Nabua, P3,359,949; (6) Daraga, P3,116,063; (7) Tinambac, P2,606,091; (8) Labo, P2,223,680; (9) Mercedes, P1,858,746;(10) Gubat, P1,508,294; (11) Guinobatan, P1,365,016; (12) Aroroy, P1,352,961; (13) Pili P1,321,213, (14) Tiwi, P1,288,779; (15) Cataingan, P1,251,203; and, (16) Virac, P1,124,344.

On Income from Economic enterprises (Business Income), Daraga topped the list with P23.484.066; (2) Daraga, P23,484,066; (3) Polangui, P13,010,146; (4) Daet, P10,217,170; (5) Claveria, P9,818,213; (6) San Pascual, P9,370,837; (7) Guinobatan, P8,305,682; (8) Bulan, P6,872,284; (9) Goa, P6,428,360; (10) Cataingan, P6,208,299; (11) Nabua, P5,585,455; (12) Tiwi, P5,105,806; (13) Virac, P4,922,984; (14) Bula, P4,813,190; (15) Aroroy, P4,808,387; (16) Calabanga, P4,797,229; (17) Donsol, P4,496,713; (18) Pili, P4,208,323. Other towns which earned less than P4M are listed on the table.

The LGU of Bacacay grossed P50,464,196 from Other Receipts (Other General Income), followed by (2) San Pascual, P24,719,832; (3) Daet, P21,551,709; (4) Polangui, P18,928,404; (4) Camalig, P14,488,431; (5) Sipocot, P10,471,995; (6) Castilla, P8,476,806; (7) Baras, P7,606,492; (8) Guinobatan, P6,171,701; (9) Santo Domingo, P5,479,196; (10) San Miguel, P4,215,291; (11) Ocampo, P3,263,917; and (12) Claveria, P3,152,447.

Lead on the list on earnings from Non-Tax Revenue is Bacacay, P52,438,040; followed by (2) Polangui, P51,058,963; (3) Daet, P44,190,471; (4) San Pascual, P40,199,110; (5) Daraga, P30,278,007; (6) Guinobatan, P20,683,617; (7) Camalig, P18,412,071; (8) Claveria, P13,559,587; (9) Sipocot, P13,102,895; (10) Pili, P12,028,684; (11) Virac, P11,995,942; (12) Santo Domingo, P11,841,704; (13) Bulan, P11,401,298; (14) Nabua, P10,784,246; and (15) Castilla, P10,383,733.

Adding the totals of municipal LGUs’ Total Tax Revenue (which was previously itemized on the table on this link: Muncipal Tax Revenue Collection in FY2009 and the Total Non-Tax Revenue (pls. refer on the table below) makes a cumulative Total Local Sources. Top of the list is (1) Daet, P72,316,281; (2) Polangui, P57,339,846; (3) Bacacay, P55,238,472; (4) Daraga, P49,388,539; (5) San Pascual,P41,584,720; (6) Aroroy.P37,813,221; (7) Camalig, P26,062,135; (8) Pili, 25,386,058; (9) Virac, P24,094,214; (10) Guinobatan, P23,952,163; (11) Sipocot, P18,410,440; (12) Nabua, P17,069,183; (13) Tiwi, P16,673,620; (14) Bulan, P16,580,513; and (15) Labo, P15,763,922.


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  1. Daet takes full advantage and reaps the benefit as capital of the province, like Pili and Virac. It is expected these LGUs should perform better than others in Bicol because of that enviable distinction. But Daraga is also in the frontline.

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