A Monument to a Beloved Son

One Calabangueno stand tall and proud on a pedestal facing what used to be the town plaza (up until the construction of the multi-purpose Octagon edifice) for many decades now. He is Emilio Tible, Sr., or should be rightfully referred to as the monument erected and dedicated in his honor as an illustrious citizen of the town. He hailed from (what is now barangay La Purisima of) Quipayo. Etched on the marble marker says the man was an educator, lawyer, statesman, and the beloved son of Calabanga.

When Emilio entered Philippine politics, he was elected representative of the first district of Camarines Sur from 1949 to 1953. He ran for a second term and got re-elected. Indeed, it was a rare and historic opportunity for Mr. Tible to have joined the Second and Third Congress of the Philippines.

As one of the representative of Camarines Sur he hubknobbed with national leaders in the likes of then senators Carlos P. Garcia, Camilo O. Osias, Lorenzo M. Sumulong, Lorenzo M. Tanada, Eulogio A. Rodriguez, Sr., to name a few. Also during his term political luminaries at the lower house in the likes of congressmen Edmundo B. Cea, Lorenzo Ziga, Arturo Tolentino, Emmanuel Pelaez, Jose B. Laurel, Jr., Ferdinand E. Marcos, and Ramon Magsaysay walked the august halls of the legislative building.

It should be noted that the fitting Tible memorial is the first of its kind in the town, and was dedicated during the term of undefeated mayor Dominador Medroso. This writer was just wondering, after the first dedication, has there been any other commemorative celebration or program done to honor the memory of Mr. Tible?

How many of the current crop of young people ever know him? Maybe, up until this item got published online, did one ever notice the monument at the town plaza and its significance? No other political figure from the town ever got to the point of, or ever, ever, attempted of running as, and getting elected, representative of the district for congress.

Now if his memory is not relevant anymore and way too outmoded, then why do we have to maintain the sentinel forever at the town plaza?


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