P35-M Conservation project of Cagsawa ruins include new structures, landscape treatment

How do you preserve and improve the ruins that is 202 years old and counting?


The historical treasure of the Cagsawa ruins which occupies 1.5 hectares of Daraga town is up for total retouch with the collaboration of national government and local government agencies.

Spearheading the task is the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority of the Department of Tourism which has approved the budget of P35 million. The money will be used for the construction of structures to improve the landscape occupied by the church and belfry ruins.

With a bidding approved already, construction may start this year.

Facilities that will come up in the area include a tourist (visitor) center, function hall, water and electrical facilities. A concrete fence will also be added in the vicinity.

The local government of Daraga will spend P2 million for the preservation works which include cordon structure around the ruins which will now prevent visitors from geting near or inside the ruins.

Albay province will contribute P5 million for the restoration works of holograms or glass showcase of the iglesia, convent, ayuntamiento and the municipio, among others.

The Albay History and Culture office is tasked to take charge of the conservation vision for the project.

According to the regional office of the Department of Tourism, the ruins has drawn over 100,000 visitors every calendar year.

The Cagsawa ruins has been declared recently as one of the many national cultural treasure of the country by the National Museum. It is 11 kilometers from Mt. Mayon (as the crow flies) and two kilometers from dowtown Daraga.

The town has an area of 118.64 km (45.81 square miles) and a population of 115,804 as of the 2010 official census.


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