The Thin Line That Divides Everything in Our Lives

Organized workers march on the street to air grievances.

There is the thin line that divides every aspect of our lives and everything about us.

A person could either be truthful or well adept at telling lies. Find one in between and we’ll see half-truths which is disappointingly of less significance at all.

National broadsheets prefer to stand on the thin line itself which confuses us what half-truth we would read next. It could be a hard choice when news publishing involves informing readers, and pleasing advertisers and benefactors. Hence the latter group of two become protected species of untouchables.

In the guise of truth and sentationalism (to jack-up reader interest and sales), we find tabloids splash their pages with garbage of news and photos that need no second look. Newsprint just got wasted, so with the tree it came from.

Good enough there are journalists of the opposite side, struggling due to limited resources, yet makes quality and truthful journalism even if through the internet. Maybe they are a model of a vanishing tribe, consider the trouble(s) sooner or later might await them.

Broadcast TV fill the airwaves more with rehashed tele-dramas as if the Pinoy masa has had less daily drama ever, within their homes, on the smoggy city streets, etc. There are shows pretending to be musical in character yet songs are poor (copy of) covers of the (foreign) original. All the more young and old become addicted to the idiotic tube only to get the latest buzz of a movie personality’s bangled love life and stupid moves.

Nakakalibang kaya. Exactly, because it is one role of the medium that makes one forget for some moments the reality that life is a sea of struggle and poverty on one side and affluence and influence on the other side. No one can stand on the thin dividing line here. Only on either of the opposite side. One who do not belong to the affluent yet enjoys their company is a fly that deserves to be swatted.

As expected, the government-affilitated news agency dishes out releases, sometimes already containing the works of pre-judgement. Good enough, there are many ways to counter-check reports to make us arrive of a well-rounded opinion.

The controlling arms of the influential business accumulate profits and get the government’s favorable attention much of the time. On the other side are hapless workers literally wrapped in the palms of big business, choking. Already, the labor group howl and scream on the city streets yet get the caressing water guns of the government. Hence, workers are warped into a time very much comparable when there exist no justice for all but for the people wtih deep pockets and capital.

Spy stories are good copy for movies. When a powerful government spies on its people, particular nationalities, selected governments and organizations is another interesting side. On the opposite are people that moves to expose those secret activities which makes for a dangerous life- and- freedom- threatening position.

Over to the readers:
What thin line(s) have you crossed over or afraid of crossing?


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