Scouring for Krill in San Miguel Bay

Just a few meters from the rocky shoreline by the breakwater, this Sabang fisherman is making the most out of his early morning hours, scouring the shallow waters catching for the tiny, tiny shrimp-like marine orgnisms which thrives in San Miguel bay, the krill.

The village of Sabang has a population of 4,480 as of the official 2007 census of population. Majority of the residents’ are dependent on fishing or fishing-related activities and business.

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An Magbabalaw

Nagkakaperang metro hale sa magapo na pampang kan Sabang, an solo-solong magbabalaw inuubos an saiyang oras sa aga, pagsudsod sa hababaw na baybayon pagdakop nin balaw na yaman kan dagat nin San Miguel.
Ang baryo kan Sabang may 4,480 na tawo segun sa opisyal na 2007 census. Mayoriya kan mga residentes ang ikinabubuhay sa pagsira o kaya manungod sa pagsira.

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