Waiting for Superman on Stormy Weather

During times of natural disaster and calamity, anxious and distraught folks wait for Superman to bail them out.

We were waiting for hourly updates of the weather situation up north, concerned and upset because we have relatives in Cagayan and Ilocos Norte whose residence could be on the itinerary of destruction of super typhoon Juan (international codename: Megi).

Extraordinary times like this we wish to ourselves that some extra able super guy (Superman??) would come, rescue not only young ladies in distress but the public as well.

But for our country there should be many which include the government officials and personnel in the military who can be the best of themselves without flying or be magical. They always do, rise on the occasion, voluntarily or because of loyalty and duty, without being asked to.

So we have to mount a challenge at home who could that be in our mind. I volunteered the name of the president. But he was no-show at yesterday’s command conference, in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon city, called primarily to update officials about the track of ST Juan and the disaster response of the government on the impending risk. It was a briefing by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management council by 9 o’clock A.M.

Thankfully enough, even if he was not present, defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin did his job,and briefed the president earlier.

It was executive secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr., who attended the meeting on the president’s stead, as “There is no more need for the president to attend because everybody is prepared already.” Very assuring one liner which made us feel very good more so that he skipped the NDRRMC meeting but instead presided over the anti-poverty cluster meeting in Malacañang. And then some.

Now that super typhoon Juan has left, our relatives are somehow isolated without power and electrical lines down and straddling the streets and hi-ways of batterred provinces.

Electric cooperatives will have their hands full restoring these posts and lines, cleaning and cutting downed trees. Expect to see graphic images of the typhoon’s effect once communication becomes stable.

The aftermath would also include one or some of this: ABS-CBN, GMA RTA, TV5, broadcast, print media- like Inquirer, Bulletin, Star, etc., may come up with fund raisers to aid the stricken victims affected, sometimes in coordination with the Red Cross.

Still, we’re waiting for Superman.


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