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Arrowman wins only gold for CARAGA in Palarong Pambansa 2016

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First Published         17 Apr , 2016      10:22 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


Remember the Arrowman we mentioned on this post Arrowman gets noticed in Albay hosting of Palarong Pambansa 2016?

The athlete was part of the CARAGA Athletic Association team delegation for the Palarong Pambansa 2016 recently concluded and held for the first time ever in Albay province.

The young guy we christened as “Arrowman” or “Arrow Man” was also a social media sensation in the past sports competition going for the tag of “Cupid Man.”

He is Caelan Nicholas Saval from the City of Butuan, a 10th grader. So his fans now swooning can follow the athlete on his Instagram account and just search for his Facebook account also.

Saval formerly basked the limelight during the Philippine National Outdoor Archery Championships’ men’s division last February 2016. He was with the Manila Polo Club team then.

As Cupid Man, his name was already mentioned more than 12,000 times on Facebook, and in some social media sites, an album made by followers are being shared over 2,000 times already.

To cap this post, did he win the only gold for CARAGA, and in archery? Wow!

He bested others in the secondary boys category 70 meters with a score of 302, barely passing the silver medalist from Zamboanga Peninsula Regional AA  Josiah J.Vivero with 301 and Central Visayas Islands AA Rogelio Miguel Tremedal with 298.

  • Arrowman wins only gold for CARAGA in Palarong Pambansa 2016
  • Archer is also popular as the Cupid Man in social media

First Published         17 Apr , 2016      10:22 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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