PANDEMIC: One FATALITY of new coronavirus in MANILA under watch of dithering Pres. DUTERTE

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte put on hold the safety of millions of Filipinos if only not to ruffle the feathers of China's regime, could not ever muster to assure the availability and supply of cheap face mask encouraging the rise of opportunist scalpers.

The delayed lack of full control, decisive but proactive solution on the pandemic threat from #2019nCoV or the dreaded new coronavirus has resulted in one fatality already under the watch Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

This we can factually confirm. It was the first death outside of China.

It is taking a painstaking wait from the Duterte administration to formally accept the damning threat of the virus to the general population.

Legislators have to prod the government to act promptly about the situation.

The government has to wait long after a 38-year old Chinese woman’s case was confirmed infected with the virus On Jan. 30. She is confined at the San Lazaro hospital.

Unfortunately, her 48-year old male companion did not survive the deadly virus. There are 30 other “persons under investigation” for nova coronavirus infection. And that count may not hold for long.

The irresponsible dithering of the national leadership is alarming. Considering that:

  • Singapore is racing to distribute to its citizens and residents over 5 million face masks for free and closed its doors tp all incoming Chinesese visitors.
  • Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, have closed its school until Mar 2.
  • Macau, a special administrative region of China have suspended classes already.
  • Italy has declared a six-month sate of emergency right after two Chinese visitors roaming Rome showed positive result of the virus. Also, all flights from and to China are indefinitely under suspension.
  • The United States, with 8 cases of infection, has already declared national health emergency promptly implementing a ban of entries for all foreigners who visited China in the past 14 days.
  • Russia and Mongolia already closed their borders with China.
  • China, even, has locked down the city of Wuhan and the whole province of Hubei, an area that encompasses approximately 56- 57 million people.

As this developed, former health secretary Esperanza Cabral “warned that more cases will likely emerge in the coming days with the end of the disease’s two-week incubation period, particularly because,” as she said in Filipino in a CNN report, “we didn’t issue a travel ban for any visitors coming in from areas with confirmed cases of the coronavirus.”

The president was so afraid of banning the Chinese tourists that it may cause “serious political and diplomatic repercussions” never mind if Filipinos are exposed to the virus.

As this is posted the death toll from China’s new coronavirus outbreak has passed the 300 mark and the tally of confirmed infections has surged to capping the 12,000 count.

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