Super Typhoon Juan (Megi) and Weather Watching

High above the clouds over Ilocos Norte and Laoag, on a tranquil summer day.

We are on an intense weather watch due to the prevailing Philippine tropical disturbance by super typhoon Juan (international code name: Megi).

But rather than get weather news from the local Bicol channels, we have to rely on the internet which are much more detailed (words and graphic) with updates as often as they get one, without the interruption of lengthy advertisements except those pay per click links.

And since there are too many of these sites, it’s not a monopoly of one and we can switch at the click of the mouse, or maintain all windows open at the same time. Talking of convenience at the palm of our hands.

It’s actually easy to find these sites by using Google. Just wondering if this is in Google trends or trending now.

Typhoon Juan is the 260-per kilometer howler as Pagasa hoisted Signal No. 4 over Cagayan and Isabela early last night which is making landfall early today.

Farmers in these provinces have been advised earlier to harvest agricultural crops. Fishermen are prevailed from going out to the sea or return to shore at once to prevent any untoward incident.

Metro Manila and parts of southern Luzon will experience rain as Signal No. 1 covers the area and neighboring provinces like Pangasinan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecia, Polillo islands, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, Rizal and Quezon..

This must keep the weathermen of the government agency Pagasa (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration) on their toes for sometime now. Or else.

Many Philippine top blog sites and bloggers are competing with other media outlets covering this kind of emergency. It is not always the intention to earn money or making money but more so of aid in the dissemination of information first and foremost.

Where minor Pinay scandal issues hug headlines for media mileage, naional emergency and disaster situations should get more coverage- print and broadcast airtime.

It is really desirable for all residents and government officials to get timely and accurate weather information. It will save lives and property at the most. Fast mobilization and evacuation is also vital, local government units (LGUs) already has a system in place, we always presume.

Now, residents should have some provisions- food, fuel, candle, biscuits, flashlight or battery, bottled water, noodles, etc. As usual, there would be establishments/stores taking advantage of the situation, selling goods like hijacking the residents’ wallet.

Here in Calabanga, as the residents are not immune nor stranger to howlers, can get some good sleep with a weather outlook much different from the one coming unto the northern Luzon this week. Of course, there will be some rain over Bicol towns.


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