CamNorte inmates get livelihood assistance from government agencies

smileredunhappyDAET, Camarines Norte — Recently, thirty inmates in the province of Camarines Norte get awarded a complete set of livelihood tools under the “Kita sa Likod ng Rehas” program. This gives them the opportunity to earn and feed their families even behind bars. For inmates, being inside prison is not yet the end of their career.


The program in Camarines Norte labor field office is in partnership with the jail management bureau and Labo and Daet district jails.

The 26 inmate-beneficiaries come from the Masayang Tahanan (sic) Labo jail and four from barangay Nagkakaisa of Daet jail who each received a complete set of tools for either electricians, auto mechanic, cosmetology, mason and carpentry, sewing and food preparation in awarding rites held July 25th at Labo jail.

Inmates having gotten the kits like cosmetology may now accept customers coming from outside the prison or for sewing, open up a dress shop inside, too.

The tool kit ranges between P5,000 to P6,000 for a total grant of P179,999 funded by labor department’s Kabuhayan Starter Kit program while the jail management provides the training and social preparations for the beneficiaries.

It is rewarding to be in jail for one gets the needed help not from one but two or more government agencies for livelihood and rehabilitation, no matter how ridiculous. No wonder, many more may yet “come” as this development is very encouraging for law breakers and have a taste of jail life if only to experience getting government attention and kabuhayan funding.

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