Brussels heightened security measures cost Belgium US $55M daily

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Brussels heightened security measures cost Belgium US $55M daily.

The heightened security measures in the Belgian capital of Brussels, which were in place earlier this week due to the terror threat, cost the country 51.7 million euros (nearly USD 55 million) daily, local media reported.

The measures were in place from last Saturday until Thursday.

According to the VRT television channel’s Friday report, the losses of owners of restaurants and cafes were estimated to be around 22 million euro. As many as 535 Brussels enterprises lost 29.7 million for reasons such as employees being unable to work.

A Belgian soldier patrols in Brussels’ Grand Place as police searched the area during a continued high level of security following the recent deadly Paris attacks.

The channel’s calculations do not include the losses of the Brussels airport, which saw a 20-percent decrease in people passing through it, as well as the hotels which also lost revenues.

Last weekend, Belgium raised its terror alert in Brussels to the highest level over information suggesting that attacks similar to those in Paris on Nov. 13 could be planned. The level was lowered on Thursday.

Some of the public transport in the city was not operating due to the threat. Schools, theaters, cinemas and shopping centers were also shut. (PNA/Sputnik)


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