The Dead Downgrades Politics in the Land and More Concerns

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All roads lead to the cemeteries today. All thoughts of the living are made busy of reminiscing the departed. People pays tribute not only for two days but many will find more time until Sunday.

For truly it is only the dead which can literally disrupt and altogether propel the majority of us in a 180 degrees back turn from all things, including politics. For how can one ignore the appointed date of honoring again our dear departed which is here and now.

So all talks by politicians, aside from the regular folks with keen interest on politics, are suddenly downgraded to whispers, if any.

If only this prevailing sentiment will continue beyond our commemoration of the joint and back-to-back All Souls Day and All Saints Day, we will find less noise pollution on radio and TV about political parties and personalities with their beckerings hereabout.

Suddenly and traditionally, the “undas” talk became the trending topic. Media coverage and footage of unfolding very predictable events and scenes of people rushing, piling about the provincial bus stations, the airport, the roads to cemeteries, dominate the news.

But sad to say, the “moratorium” lasts for a few days. Got to enjoy and relish that as things will be back to “normal” real quick.

And talking about the goners, what should be done better?

We refer to a situation about the nearby small burial plot in town. The location is at the right side entrance before the Catholic cemetery of Calabanga, but very well inside barangay San Isidro. Some tombs or niches are left open but not empty as expected. Human remains (of bones, skulls, etc.) are stashed in plastic sheets exposed to passersby. Contents could have spilled on the ground in due time. This may pose a threat to health and should elicit concern considering that the location is also host to dense population (of living residents). (Editor: This is not unique to Calabanga. It should be true to other localities hosting cemetries.)

So what could be the real score? (1) The owner-operator of the “facility” just opened the unit and let the contents out after the rent or lease was due and unpaid. (2) The relatives of the departed must have completely forgotten the obligation to pay. (3) The relatives are way out of town and have no way to settle. (4) Relatives are not interested at paying anymore. (5) No notice was sent by the operator to living relatives. (6) This is very gross and an exaggeration: Grave robbers exhumed bodies and took body parts! (7) Authorities are either not aware or are not concerned at all. (8) Other reason(s) the reader can think of can be posted as comment below, which is acceptable.

But perhaps, the area must have been cleaned as this piece gets posted. So where did they hide, thrashed, stashed the remains? (

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