Sorsogon’s Mt. Bulusan Erupts

Mt. Bulusan in the province of Sorsogon spews ash Sunday morning.

Some 540 families in the towns of Irosin and Juban in Sorsogon province were evacuated Sunday as Mount Bulusan spewed thick ash clouds.

The evacuees came from three villages directly affected and within the six kilometer permanent danger zone around the erupting volcano.

Five hundred of the families came from Irosin and the remaining 40 from Juban. They were relocated to safer places away from the harm and direct effect of the ash falls.

The volcano erupted a thick column of ash by 7:30 of Sunday morning.

The safety and well-being of many children and pregnant women were given first priority during the evacuation process.

As of post time, authorities were considering the possibility of mass evacuation of residents and families around the six-kilometer permanent danger zone.

Juban and Irosin are only two of the many towns surrounding the volcano. Many more villages are located within the extended danger zone.

Immediate flashbacks:
LEGAZPI CITY — Bulusan volcano in Sorsogon province belched on Friday morning a voluminous ash plume 700 meters above its crater rim that drifted and covered villages in the southwest flank of the volcano.

The explosion occurred at 6:59 a.m., sending light gray ash column that was accompanied by rumbling sounds, a typical characteristic of Bulusan’s restive state.

Ash falls were reported in the villages of Irosin and Juban.

Monday last week, authorities were watching out for black smoke to emerge from the volcano as a signal to evacuate residents from the area.

At least 28 volcanic quakes and 120 tons per day of sulfur dioxide had been recorded in the last 24 hours by Phivolcs.

The PH agency expects more explosions to occur because of the volcano’s recent reactivation. Phivolcs also dispatched its Quick Response Team to augment the monitoring networks around the volcano.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said it is ready to evacuate residents from their homes once smoke from Bulusan turns black and that local and national agencies since Saturday have been coordinating their plans to protect residents in six towns – Juban, Irosin, Casiguran, Gubat, Barcelona and Bulusan.

He said the Army’s Infantry Battalion in the area had been on alert and is ready to evacuate residents with 6 by 6 dump trucks provided by local governments.

Previously, the government has already evacuated since the first ash explosion
of Mt. Bulusan on Nov. 6, a total of 23,282 affected persons from 4,561 families from the 17 barangays of 3 affected municipalities.

Previous total number of evacuees in 3 evacuation centers is 168 persons from 39 families.

Affected brgys are Casiguran town – Brgys. Inlagadian, Escuala, San Juan, Tigbao, San isidro, Mabini and Casay (Sitio Uban); Juban – Brgy. Sangkayon; and Irosin – Cogon, Tinampo, Mombon, Gulang-Gulang, Gabao, Bulawan, Tongdol, Gumapia and Bagsangan

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  1. Is Sorsogon ready for a mass evacuation? The province of Albay showed how to handle disasters like that of the Mayon last year.

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