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As Vine say goodbye, Giphy welcome its stars and fanbase

2 Nov , 2016  

Who will miss Vine? Many, among them the Pinoy fanbase, and more. This as Twitter already announced it will totally kill off the struggling short-form video sharing platform Vine in the coming months. It was brought about by the restructuring of the company which affected some 350 employees shown the entrance door to unemployment. The […]


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Are you ready for 10,000 character limit per tweet?

6 Jan , 2016  

Are you ready for 10,000 character limit per tweet? Is this good news for twit addicts? The possibility of posting tweets up to 10,000 characters is in the neighborhood. According to well informed sources in the industry, Twitter may soon introduce the new feature which will allow users to send tweets longer than 140 characters, […]

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Twitter Introduces Filipino Translation of Tweets

8 Aug , 2011  

It is more of affirmation than surprise that more Filipinos are on board the social microblogging network of Twitter. The Pinoy penchant for technology and innovation in communication, among others, is a common knowledge. Here’s a new development. Twitter announced on 1st of August that its translation center is now available for Filipino and Malay languages.



Goodbye, MyBlogLog Community

21 May , 2011  

With this post, we say goodbye to our handful of friends in the MyBloglog community. Early in February, this writer received a notice from Yahoo that the service is closing. To some who found enough friends and interacted for some time on various issues and field of interest, its bowing out in the social networking arena will be missed.


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What’s in a Name or Nickname?

8 Apr , 2011  

The giving of nickname is popular among Bicolano families. Or I would rather say a part of our culture. I grew up in a family where calling someone the real name is a “crime” for a seemingly unsound connotation.

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