License of 3 Recruiters Gets Axed For Misrepresentation

File photo of Overseas Filipino Workers employed as dressmakers in Saudi Arabia.

The windfall volume and value of dollar remittances from Ex-Pats and overseas Filipino workers coursed through banking and monetary institutions that help float the Philippine economy is of paramount importance both to the beneficiaries and to the government.

OFWs nonetheless deserve not only respect and adulation but active, instead of the usual passive, protection from the government and its agencies.

So for Bicol OFWs and those planning to get hitched for an employment opportunity abroad, the piece of information here reminds everyone that it is better to be sure than sorry.

Very recently the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) cancelled the license of Greenback International Manpower, Realworld Corporation, and Al Miladi Manpower Services, Inc. for furnishing or publishing false notice, information and document in relation to recruitment and employment of OFWs.

Agency administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac specified the penalty of cancellation of license is meted against a licensed recruitment agency after three violations of the regulation on misrepresentation. He said that in two instances, Greenback International Manpower deceived the POEA by submitting documents of workers for processing as food and room attendants, instead of domestic helpers, as indicated in their individual work visas.

Greenback allegedly provided a deceitful information to the POEA different from what they contracted the workers to avoid the stricter regulations on the deployment of Filipino household service workers.

In another case, Greenback has allegedly recruited an applicant to work as beautician. The paperworks of the applicant were processed as cleaner by Realworld Corporation.

Cacdac said it was evident that Greenback connived with Realworld in falsely documenting the complainant’s employment abroad and submitting fabricated information to POEA contrary to the real intention and work application made.

“This was a clear case of “re-processing” which is prohibited under the POEA rules. The fact that the applicant was transferred and therefore deployed by another agency is proof enough of the absence of an available job opening for the position she applied for with Greenback,” Cacdac added.

Greenback International Manpower was also found to have processed the documents of, and deployed an unsuspecting applicant of Al Miladi Manpower Services, Inc. to work with an employer registered to its name.

(Note from Editor: A rejoinder article on this will follow later.)


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