Run, Robredo, Run

In a small gathering, my home buddies were discussing the frenzy in politics hereabout. And one of the topic was Camarines Sur 3rd district representative Atty. Leni Robredo.

It is common knowledge that the good congresswoman has no plan to run for a higher elective post, for the moment, other than her current seat in the Philippine House of Representatives.


And yet, a gathering voice is pushing for a Leni Robredo for VP Movement with a recent launching held at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City. It was attended by current and ex-government personalities but also some members of the multi-sectoral grouping Kaya Natin Movement.

To prove their intention, the group will initiate a signature drive for the movement by August 31, 2015.

But take note, should Senator Grace Llamanzares opt to join the ticket of anointed Liberal Party standard bearer ex-senator Mar Roxas, the movement will instead convert the appeal for Atty. Robredo, who is LP provincial chairperson for Camarines Sur, to instead run as a senator. Paseguro lang.


Some sectors taunt the scenario of Senator Llamanzares’ running for the highest elective office of the land as more than too much too soon. She, according to many, is a neophyte senator, without any experience even running a local government unit, for instance. The same is true of Mrs. Robredo. (Can you hear me now?) Senator Llamanzares partly won because of her affinity, or consanguinity, to Fernando Poe, like president P-Noy Aquino to ex-President Cory. Will the magic also work for Robredo because of former Mayor Jese?

Supporters of the emerging movement claim that Robredo possess the qualities of a leader since she personally saw (sic) how her late husband worked as local government chief executive.

It is safe to say here that the Liberal Party is a force to recon with, what with the full force of government machinery and the people’s money at its discretionary disposal.

We can only say, Run, Robredo, Run! for what position, she can only determine and decide.


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