Viral video enrages senators, condemns killing of SAF troops

Viral video enrages senators, condemns killing of SAF troops

MANILA, Feb. 12 – Various senators react to the Mamasapano, Maguindanao killing of a contingent from the Philippine National Police Special Action Force by the joint forces of rebel groups from Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters on Jan. 25th.

Senators openly condemned the gruesome killing of fallen 44 as shown in a video clip that went viral on Facebook.

In a press stement, Senator Benigno Aquino IV “strongly condemn(ed) the grusome killing and barbaric actoricities done to the Special Action force,” in the killing fields of Mamasapano, Maguiindano.


Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., whose committee on local government is hearing the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law, said he cannot process what he saw in in the video. ”It is such a gruesome, horrible piece of video that I still cannot process,” Marcos said in media interview.

On his official facebook page, the Senator expressed that:

With the Mamasapano incident, I’m afraid that timetable has changed in a way that even we cannot predict. What we are concerned about is not the timetable but that our version of BBL would be a good one and would be a big step to peace.

”This really enraged me because you can see the SAF man was still alive,” Senator Joseph Victor ‘JV’ Ejercito said.

During the House of Representatives hearing on the Mamasapano encounter on Wednesday, Supt. Reynald Ariño, Commanding Officer of the PNP’s 5th Special Action Battalion, confirmed that the man who was shot twice was member of the SAF’s 55th company.


One thought on “Viral video enrages senators, condemns killing of SAF troops”

  1. para sakin bulok at walang kwenta ang gobyerno ng pilipinas kawawa lang ang mga sundalo sa mindanao ginagamit at ginagawa lang tautauhan ng mga matataas na opisyal ng pilipinas naki
    kiramay po ako sa 44 na saf na nagbuwis ng buhay para sakin saludo po ako sa tapang nyo.

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