Legazpi and Camsur Occupies Income Leads in 2005

The city of Legazpi flies high with its 2005 annual income. Photo here of the old airport tarmac while a modern world airport is under construction in Daraga town.

Looking deep at the 2005 income of cities and provinces of Bicol this time, the trend is no different from previous years. The moneys earned stay more on the growth side.

The cities of Legazpi and Naga are truly rivals. Albay’s capital edged out Naga with a difference of P53,132,067 more. A great leap from its 2004 earnings.

Sorsogon may seem to occupy the third position now and the next years to come. With its land area enough to host an increasing population, commerce and business, it has the potential of upstaging either Naga or Legazpi, though.

The city of Tabaco is one LGU to watch, it may also catch-up with Camarines Sur’s Iriga. These jockeying on rank due to changes- surge and decrease in annual income- will prevail every year.

Let us see what could be the effect of all the developments being pushed through by Gov. Joey Salceda in his turf. It could be the key to making his cities better earners than than the rest in Region V.

Rank City Income
1 Legaspi City 437,797,660
2 Naga City 384,665,593
3 Sorsogon City 279,056,286
4 Ligao City 217,636,184
5 Masbate City 201,464,436
6 Iriga City 197,880,034
7 Tabaco City* 183,233,840



Excess or Deficit: Of the seven cities, Masbate had an excess of P90.5 million savings at the end of the year and topped the LGU with the most money on the city coffer’s savings.

Iriga managed to save P1,355,665 which is the lowest among the cities. Naga realized an excess of P87.1M; Legazpi, P17.5M; Sorsogon, P14.18M and Tabaco, P2.548M

Camarines Sur earned P47,182,199 more than the province of Albay for 2005. Albay in turn earned more than P100M as compared to that of Masbate province.

Like the city of Sorsogon, its namesake province needs a few more millions to eventually surpass the earnings of Masbate. On the other hand, Catanduanes may have a hard time surpassing the annual income of Camarines Norte.

Rank Province Income
1 Camarines Sur 602,759,000
2 Albay* 555,576,801
3 Masbate 455,107,123
4 Sorsogon 411,036,657
5 Camarines Norte 361,667,848
6 Catanduanes 259,960,600
Total 2,646,108,028


Excess income: At the end of the year, CamSur has P92M savings; Albay, P52.98M, Masbate, P50.9M, CamNorte, P45.5M, Sorsogon, 26.4M and Catanduanes, P14.4M.

Looking back in the year 2004, this was the ranking of the Region V cities and provinces.


Rank City Income 2004
1 Naga City 346,963,050
2 Legaspi City 336,643,036
3 Sorsogon City 255,535,112
4 Ligao City 203,409,026
5 Masbate City 185,229,251
6 Iriga City 185,057,081
7 Tabaco City 183,233,840



Rank Province Income 2004
1 Camarines Sur 650,505,000
2 Albay 555,576,801
3 Masbate 447,720,581
4 Sorsogon 440,760,455
5 Camarines Norte 376,003,915
6 Catanduanes 245,062,177



The year 2005 should be a good year for all the LGUs having registered an uptrend in their income and still attain savings at the end of the year.

But what if we think outside the box, outside the region and see how really income and ranks look like for all regions, provinces, cities and towns?

(This is the 9th part of the series on Bicol local government units- towns, cities and provinces annual income that Cbanga360(dot)Net will run as a series. To be continued.)

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