Legazpi LGU Earns the Most Among Bicol Cities in FY2009

The city hall of Legazpi pictured here, fronting the Peñaranda park.

The local government unit of Legazpi city in Albay proved a notch better than Bicol’s only independent component city of Naga when it grossed higher in its total operating income for fiscal year 2009 by a margin of P31,291,467. Other local cities income rank in order from high to the lowest are Sorsogon, Ligao, Tabaco, Masbate and Iriga.

But checking alone the totals as reflected on the annual income will not give some idea why Naga earned less than Legazpi. Check out that Naga collected much more than any other city on real property tax with P84,297,608 alone.

CityReal Property TaxTax on BusinessOther TaxesTotal Tax Revenue

The sum of all taxes which include property, business and other taxes was even topped by Naga and followed by Legazpi but with a very noticeable difference of P31,472,496 in favor of the Camarines Sur city. Of the seven cities, Ligao least earned based on all tax revenue total.

CityRegulatory Fees (Permit and  Licenses)Service/  User Charges (Service Income)Income from Economic Enterprises (Business Income)Other Receipts (Other General Income)Total Non-  Tax RevenueTotal Local Taxes

On income earned from local sources, again Naga topped the list by leaps and bounds with a margin of P85,668,358 VS that of Legazpi. This is understandable since its collection from regulatory fees and income from economic enterprises (business income) was the highest among the seven LGUs. Only the city of Sorsogon earned the most on Other Receipts (other general income) that was why it placed third among the LGUs in total sources.

Sorsogon received a big chunk in internal revenue allotment followed by Legazpi and Ligao. Then again, Sorsogon got a share from its effort on National Tax Collection more than any of the six others.

CityInternal Revenue AllotmentOther Shares from Nat’l. Tax CollectionsInter –  Local Transfer       Extaordinary Receipts/ Grants/ Donations/ AidsTotal External SourcesTotal Current Operating Income
Naga 299,364,530000299,364,530576,584,035
Tabaco 271,031,33800520,807271,552,145320,819,962
Legazpi 331,377,456924,660084,022,241416,324,356607,875,502
Sorsogon 361,916,95112,116,580010,000,000384,033,531523,425,928
Masbate 262,613,785134,69903,000,000265,748,484312,782,836
Iriga 256,435,165146,5935,196,9300261,778,688306,384,201
Ligao 304,182,381630,50406,824,018311,636,903348,305,907

The “secret” why Legazpi topped earnings for fiscal year 2009? The LGU received a whopping P84,022,241 described as extraordinary receipts or grants or donations or aids. In other, words it is not an income due to regular operation of the LGU but a dole out from good “hearted” (foreign and Local) governments, agencies and non-governmental entities.

That specific package amount propelled Legazpi’s income to top the total both in receipts from external sources and eventually padding its annual current income. Dole outs do not happen every year.

Meanwhile, Sorsogon is a big contender on the third list while the city of Iriga settled on the bottom list.


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