This is what happens when VP Leni visits President Duterte in Malacañang


Leni meets Rody. Watch first “formal meeting” of Vice President Leni Robredo with President Rodrigo Duterte.

VP Leni had her first courtesy call with the newest of Malacañang tenant. The Bicolana leader seemed awed by the power that be in the Palace, just watch her demeanor. She mostly showed utmost courtesy to Duterte that she even had to say “po” on her replies on this July 4rth visit.

The conversation was never meant to be understood by the viewer, we presumed on this RTVM released footage. We used our noise cancelling headphone and we did not get much information out of the video.

Before VP Leni left, she almost curtsied on the president, Duterte reminded her to “Please do not bow. I get embarrassed. Do not put to much on it.”

Robredo is the best epitome of a Bicolano leader who having reached the second highest elective post of the land, still knows her right place, so natural and very much grounded.

Indeed, the doors of Malacañanang is not far behind for a revisit.


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