Senator Poe OKs DNA test to trace biological parents

Senator Grace Poe on Monday confirmed that she and individuals who introduced themselves as her ‘siblings’ underwent DNA test in an attempt to trace her biological parents and Filipino lineage as well.

Poe said the individuals who approached her had shown picture but she did not elaborate whether they are her siblings or her parents’ siblings.

”Those who approached me are not my relatives for now. It seems they have basis, they have shown picture,” Poe said.


”What I can say is that because these are private individuals, if they will be my blood relatives, I will be happy because they are decent and very kind people. Of course, we’re not sure. We will wait,” she added.

Poe said they opted to seek the help of the DNA technology after those individuals approached and claimed they are her relatives.

”Of course, if we have benefit of science, so we are trying to exhaust that advantage. If not, there is still internationally accepted principles of law that is applied in our country,” Poe said.

She said they are expecting the result of the DNA test to come out in three weeks time.

”The DNA samples have been sent to other country because we don’t have capability to exhaust here. And if we have capability, it would be good to have intermediary from other country,” Poe said.

Poe said their efforts to find her biological parents to let the judges of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) that they are doing everything to prove that she is a real Filipino.

Poe was abandoned when she was a baby just outside the Jaro Cathedral in Iloilo City in 1968. She was adopted by showbiz couple Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces six years later.

Last June, Poe visited Iloilo in an attempt to find her families.

Rizalito David, a losing candidate in the 2013 senatorial election, filed a petition before the SET, claiming Poe is not a natural born Filipino since her parents were not known.

Poe, a leading presidential candidate, declared her candidacy for the highest position five days ago. (with report from Jelly F. Musico- PNA)


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