A Building Only in Barangay San Pablo

San Pablo is one of the small barangays (village) of Calabanga town; one of the few that comprises its poblacion or urban center. To be precise, it is just a one-street affair with both sides cramped with residential structures of varying designs defined by the financial well-being of the residents. It very much represents the microcosm of the people’s way of life, which, is also generally obtainable and representative of the region’s well being, if not of the country.

One striking structure is an elevated barangay (village) hall constructed right in the middle of the road. It is here that village officials conduct their regular sessions and hold office. For lack of available land site (sic), they opted to construct the structure where it is now.

It is interesting to note that the municipal hall and much of the government administrative buildings are located within the barangay, a short walking distance from the structure.

The village has a population of 725 according to the official 2007 census.

Sa San Pablo Sana

An San Pablo saro sa sadit na barrio kan banwaan nin Calabanga; kaiba sa nagkakaperang barangay na namumugtak sa centro o poblacion kaini. Sa totoo lang, may sarong kalye lang na halipot ang barrio, sa duang gilid pano na nin tugdok na harong an desinyo depende sa kakayahan pam-pinansyal kan mga naka-istar na residentes.

Sarong istruktura an agaw atensyon na barangay hall pigkonstruir na angat sa tahaw kan tinampo. Digde an mga opisyales kan barrio naguurulay asin nagkukunducir kan saindang opisina. Sa kadahilanan na mayong bakanteng lote na pueding tugdukan nin edificio, ang mga naenot na opisyales nagkasararo na digdi itugdok an barangay hall.

Interesanteng maaraman na an munisipyo asin iba pang opisinang pangbanwaan yaon man sa San Pablo, halipot na lakaw hale digde.

An barrio igwa nin 725 na residentes base sa opisyal na census kan 2007.

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  1. How unusual! It surprises me to read that land was in short supply. I suppose this is because the surrounding land is needed for crops?

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