Mayon Evacuation: More funds needed, Salceda declare centers as “Open Cities”

Temporary shelter: Tents donated by the UNICEF in designated centers on areas safe from the effects of possible eruption of Mayon volcano. Photo from facebook page of Gov. Salceda.

LEGAZPI CITY — Government agencies augment dwindling fund for Mayon evacuees as Salceda declares evacuation centers “Open Cities” for donation.

The province of Albay received P112 million from various government agencies according to Gov. Joey Salceda over the weekend. The funds will be used to augment the dwindling resources earmarked for evacuees from the pending Mayon volcano eruption.

Salceda identified the source of funds as the social welfare department which released P87 million for food. Another P22 million was given by the education department for the purchase of chairs and other needs of students displaced by the mounting emergency but now attending classes in classroom tents. A smaller amount of P3 million for medicine and other supplies came from the health department.

The moneys came about 2 o’clock P. M. on Friday of September 26th even as the obtaining emergency situation will need more fund in the coming days.

The provicial government which has alloted a quick response fund was expected to have been spent until yesterday, Sunday.

A good amount from the fund were spent for livestock evacuation, rice purchases and health necessities of close to 56,000 evacuees since the 15th of September.

The local government projects that close to over P300 million is needed to maintain the evacuation centers for three months.

In a related development, Salceda on Sunday declared all evacuation centers in Albay as “open cities.” This means that any or all of the 45 evacuation centers are now directly accepting donations and assistance destined for evacuees which need no approval from the province.

“The Albay Mayon evacuation camps are Open City. Donations, feeding or medical missions and other forms of assistance do not need prior approval and need not be coursed through the provincial government,” Salceda said on his official Facebook page.

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