DIVORCE ADVOCATE: OFW Seaman supports passage of bill

OFW-Seaman storngly supports passage of divorce bill into law.
OFW-Seaman storngly supports passage of divorce bill into law.

Nagmahal. Nagdasal. Inayawan ng Asawa kaya todo suporta sa divorce bill.

We move forward with stories of persons supporting the passage of a divorce law in the Philippines.

During the hearing of the Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality of the Senate for the proposed passage of a divorce law, a former Seaman OFW shared his experience.

His narrative will become part of the voice that pushed for the approval of the bill, we are made to believe.

On a personal note, will he be interested in lobbying, supporting and exhorting for the passage of the bill if he did not exprience what he had in his marriage.

Since he said he has siblings who are neither separated or divorced, will they support his cause?

What we want to highlight here is that only those in a situation like him resonate calling for the passage of the bill into law.

Will married couples without marital problem go out on the street, on the senate or in any venue calling for a passage of divorce bill unless they have hidden agenda and tend to reap some benifit out of it?

And that voice if not properly quantified will be misinterpreted as the voice of the majority which the sponsors of the bill are misleading the people to believe.

Consider that the number of married couples in the country who are neither experiencing or in the same boat with him, will the majority support his advocacy in whatever show of force and number if needed? We wonder now.

As we have mentioned in the last episode, how come there was a quick and easy, but very immediate mushroom effect of ogranizations supporting the divorce bill. How easily interested individuals convinced some people to join the advocacy, and not one organization but by the hundreds already? [No, have not made fact check the veracity if there really are that much number of organizations.] Somewhere there’s a lie being spin into a narrative.

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Nagmahal, Nagdasal, Inayawan ng Asawa Kaya Todo Suporta sa Divorce Bill

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