List: Top export companies and products of Davao Region in 2015


As a yearender, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) agency in the region of Davao listed the 5 top companies in export industry with a total value of US $1,268,212,580.66 in the last three quarters of 2015.

1 Dole Philippines with total export valued at US $212,689,868.50
2 Sumifru Corporation – $155,106,451.95
3 Davao Bay Coconut Oil Mills, Inc. – $78,769,621.56
4 New Davao Oil Mills, Inc. – $69,818,199.60
5 Tagum Agricultural Development, Co., Inc. – $58,763,091.73.

Top export destinations:
1 Japan valued at $179,922,913.57;
2 Australia valued at $178,221.130.98;
3 China valued at $156,825,797.36;
4 Thailand valued at $80,550,532.95 and
5 Netherlands valued at $78,850,701.33.

Top fresh and processed export products:
1 Banana (fresh cavendish)
2 Coconut oil (refined/organic/virgin/crude/cochin)
3 Fresh pineapple
4 Desiccated coconut
5 Banana chips
6 Gold and silver
7 Activated carbon
8 Nickel, nickel laterite ore
10 Rubber (cup lump natural/wet cup lump)
11 Coconut water

Top emerging export commodity clusters:
1 Banana – fresh Cavendish bananas, banana chips, banana seedlings, banana puree, frozen saba, banana turon with ube, banana packaging, banana sliced and banana powder.
2 Cacao – cocoa beans
3 Mango – sliced and dried
4 Coconut – oil (refined/ organic/ virgin/ crude/ cochin), dessicated, water, peat or coir coco powder, shell charcoal, fiber, milk, sugar, shell brique, fresh or young and fatty acid.


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