This is the low down on your teeth whitening quest


Working on your teeth for a whiter, brighter smile? Well, here’s the lowdown on teeth whitening. Read this as one should be careful while using teeth whitening and bleaching products as they can cause permanent dental damage.

Bleaching products can have multiple side effects such as damaging the dental enamel, causing irritation to the gums, tooth sensitivity. It contain hydrogen peroxide that diffuses through the enamel and breaks down the compounds that are causing the discoloration, so the teeth become lighter.

Bleaching products used by the dentist for in-office therapies can have higher peroxide concentrations of up to 40 percent. The bleaching mechanism is similar but these therapies are supervised and should only be used in the dentist’s office. Alternatively, dentists can prescribe supervised at-home bleaching therapies.

There is a limit to how much people can bleach their teeth and bleaching should not be done every year because the effects on the enamel are cumulative.

For a safe and successful tooth whitening treatment, people should always consult with the dentist to learn about the best options and expectation.

Many thanks to Adriana Manso, a clinical assistant professor in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia in Canada’s western city of Vancouver, who did a reasearch on, yes, teeth whitening and teeth bleaching.



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