Expect these during the 1st SONA of President Duterte


On Monday’s first State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, do not expect to see the wives of honorable members of the Senate and House of Representatives, including the lady legislators garbed in pompous terno with matching jewelry. After all, the event is not about the display of wealth and elegance. The president specifically frowned on the idea of guests flaunting extravagance.

The general goal is giving more weight on the content of the SONA that women attendees are encouraged to wear knee-length Filipiniana dresses and for men to wear either barong or business suit.

Practically stomping down on the previous presidential SONA’s, the upcoming one will not unfold a fashion show of sort but center on the content of President Duterte’s speech, his first SONA.

The focus of the chief executive’s SONA will probably contain the administration’s 10-point economic agenda, including its comprehensive tax package.

It would be the goals of the present administration to implement more infra projects, however big or small, to sustain more inclusive growth of the local economy. It would get funding from loans, thereby padding upwards the nation’s debts at the same time hoping for improvement in tax collection.

He is also expected to discuss plans on how the administration will go forward with its plan of a federal type of government to be able to inform the public on their participation according to the spokesperson of the Department of Finance.

Mr. Duterte would also pronounce officially his support for the return of death penalty even as suspected drug personalities are already being meted the capital punishment thru extrajudicial process now raising concern coming from the human rights activists.

The SONA will be directed by award-winning film Director Brillante Mendoza.

Image: Photograb from RTVM video during the inspection of Buluan biomass power plant on July 22, 2016.


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