DOH advise haze-affected residents to use face mask


The Department of Health is advising the people, particularly the elderly, children and those with asthma or other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs) on ways of coping with the risks of haze now being experienced in some parts of Mindanao.

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DOH spokesperson Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy said the haze from the forest fires in Indonesia can cause air pollution which can bring about increased risks for respiratory tract infections and cardiac ailments.

In the DOH advisory, Dr. Lee Suy said it is important for the vulnerable sectors of the population to stay indoors with good ventilation.

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He added that it will help if appropriate dust masks will be worn when going outside the house.

He also said that refraining from physical activities in heavily populated areas is another way to counter haze so that the body may gain and maintain its strength or natural immune system.

He further reminded that staying away from low-lying areas where smoke and suspended particles tend to accumulate can help.

He stressed that if a person feels something abnormal in his body, it is very important to seek consultation with a doctor for early treatment and better management. (PNA / Leilani S. Junio)


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