Government funds core housing for indigent victims of Typhoon Glenda

Mayor Antonio Chavez of San Jose, Camarines Sur, a second class municipality with 38,523 population.

The government through the social welfare department is funding reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged residential units in identified barangays of San Jose town of Camarines Sur amounting to P6.7 million. The local municipal government in turn, will contribute a counterpart sum of P750,000 for the same endeavor.

The targeted beneficiaries include indigent families which lost their houses from the onslaught of typhoon Glenda. Each recipient will get a share equivalent to P70,000 from the fund provided.

The project will be carried out under the core shelter assistance program of the agency which put forward indigent families with provision of cash assistance and building materials to rebuild destroyed or damaged houses.

Each housing unit is designed to withstand 180 to 220kph wind velocity to ensure safety.

The beneficiaries are expected to provide labor during the construction phase with target completion within six months.

Barangays earlier identified with core shelter families include Bagacay (13), Telegrapo (6), Salogon (12), Pugay (16) and Tominawog (10), Sabang and Catalutuan (combined, 39). Some 38 houses were washed away by storm surge in barangay Sabang.

Meanwhile, a temporary resettlement site in Catulutuan will house the homeless, including 38 families from Sabang.

Earlier, the check was handed over by social welfare assistant regional director Corazon Mina to San Jose mayor Antonio Chavez.

San Jose is a second class municipality with a population of 38,523 according to the 2010 official census.


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