Mayon alert level 3 stays despite decrease seismic activity

Mayon alert level 3 stays despite decrease seismic activity, at least for now.


LEGAZPI CITY — No display of the fiery fury of Mayon yet even as many tourists and locals are rearing to see a live fireworks display. No explosion means frustration for the “stakeholders” who thrive on disaster tourism here.

Only the residents directly affected of the hazardous natural activity would like to see Mayon mellow down into a smoke belching volcano and nothing more. In that way, they can return to their normal life, away from the cramped evacuation centers.

Meanwhile, the state institute of volcanology (Phivolcs) on Sunday said that Mayon volcano still remains on alert lever 3 despite the decreased seismic activity in the past 24 hours.

As the agency’s seismic network recorded four volcanic earthquakes and eight rockfall events from Saturday morning to Sunday morning Mayon remains under Alert Level 3, which means that a hazardous explosive eruption is possible within weeks.

With four volcanic tremors recorded, Phivolcs said the rockfall events were slightly lower compared to the 22 events monitored from Friday morning to Saturday morning.

Just the same the public are cautioned to avoid entering the six-kilometer radius permanent danger zone and the seven-kilometer extended danger zone on the southeastern area due to the imminent threat of rockfalls, landslides, and sudden explosions that may generate lava flow.

The latest measurement of the volcano’s sulfur dioxide showed that it continues to release about 1,200 tons of sulfur dioxide, a reading which was above the normal base rate of 500 tons per day. (with report from PNA)

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